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Client Testimonials

Checkout what our customers are saying about our pet boarding and grooming services!


“My dog was so happy n grateful for the services she received at your establishment”

Mike A. —

“Wallace looks good. Thanks”


“My dog comes home tired from playing all day! I use them 3 days per week and I have not had a single issue in the 18 months with this daycare.”

Maureen B.

“She looks happy and cool did a wonderful job on her grooming”

Jim J.

“Service was great, thanks!”

Ron D.

“My experience with Country Comfort has been great…highly recommend them….My dogs look great after a visit to them and they love the special attention they get from the staff.”

Mary & Hamilton

“I feel like Hannah is so excited to be going to boarding here!! She does a her big ol happy dance every time I drop off here. Facility greeting area is clean and odor free. Pleasant and efficient staff make this a no fuss transition for Hannah from owner to boarding.Thanks again!”

Mitchell J.

“Magnum can be intimidating but is a great dog who loves to play once you get to know him. He enjoys his time here and I sense the staff feels the same way.”

Heather R.

“Gus not only came home happy and healthy, he came home exhausted from playing! I just wish they would have told me if he ate the kibble I sent with him.”

Jan F.

“It was my first time at Country Comfort having my dog groomed. She was done exactly like I asked. When I dropped her off he said if when I picked her up she needed any correction he would do it. Not needed. It was not just a routine cut for a Cavalier Poodle mix, but I asked for a certain cut and he got it right. Great job and Sophie looks cute and groomed. I will be back for Sophie’s next cut.”

 Karen F.

“I’d give them 5 stars!! it was a wonderful experience and Gracie came home looking GOOD!!! Thank you so much for the care and grooming you gave her!!!”


“I brought my 4 guinea pigs here to stay while we were on vacation. The owners and staff are very friendly. They were very accommodating to meet the high needs for my fur babies. Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of Sugar, Honey, Hazel and Daisy.”


“Chief came home happy and looking very handsome.”


“Our nervous terrier just completed an eight day stay. Since he hasn’t been apart from us in more than 6 years we were worried about how it would go. We picked him up this morning – he was happy & healthy! The staff all knew him and seemed sad to see him go. We would recommend Country Comfort to anyone!”


“Everything was great Great nail trim and our boy smells good after his bath. And he came happy to see us.”

Mike C.

“Caley was well taken care of and staff was excellent”

Dave C.

“When my mother was not able to stay at our home and watch our dogs due to health issues, we made the decision to board our two German Shepherd dogs who are typically not kenneled when we go away on a family trip. I visited Country Comfort Kennels, and walked through the facility with one of the owners. I liked the size of the large kennels available for my two large dogs, and the size of the outdoor fenced areas for them to run and exercise together. I was glad to hear our dogs would be out several times a day, depending on the weather, and that the indoor kennel area was mopped each time they were out so when they came back inside, they had a cool clean area to relax and cool off. Picked both dogs up this morning (9 night stay) and they were very happy and excited. Both had kennel baths and smelled very clean. Neither dog has had any signs of kennel cough, or illness which I know sometimes happens when boarding. I also spoke to a fellow police officer who uses Country Comfort to board his police K9, and he is also very satisfied with the staff and boarding for his German Shepherd dog. I’m glad to have found this place, and am sure we will use them again for our next family trip. Thanks again Country Comfort for looking after our four legged family members!”

Zach & Nikki

“This was our second time using the boarding service for our two pits. Everything has been great and we used the grooming service this time and there nails were done better than anywhere we have taken them before. They get tons of exercise so they come back worn it!”


“It takes me longer to drive to Country Comfort than it does for service to be provided. I love this place! Everyone I’ve met there seems to really enjoy the pets that pass through the doors and treat them with true compassion and care.”

Cherrie S.

“The staff at Country Comfort took very good care of our dog”

Milarie R.

“Clark came home happy and very beautiful. Each time he enjoys his grooming at Country Comfort and we feel he will always be treated with kindness and respect.”

Peggy D.

“5 Stars”

Ron D.

“My dogs looked and smelled great…….finished at exact time promised…….”

Theresa K.

“My boys are always happy and excited to visit…their just as happy to come home and rest!”

Katie J.

“It was our first time when we had to leave our dog at the boarding. Our dog is very active and he is not used to other dogs. It was not and issue for Country Comfort Boarding. They even offered play groups so right now he is more social with other dogs. He came home tired (sign that he had fun and had enough exercise). Great service, friendly people. I will definitely use Country Comfort next time we go for vacation so my dog has little doggy camp as well.”

Todd & Amanda H.

“Country Comfort Boarding and Grooming is an excellent choice when boarding our dogs when we are away on vacation! We have always been concerned when leaving the state, but the folks at CCBG truly take good care of our dogs and have the experience we sought before making the decision to go with CCBG!”

Tracy H.

“Great staff, very caring toward my dogs. My dogs came home happy and healthy. Staff was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Will continue to use them for kenneling in the future.”

Jeanette L.

“My dog stayed for an extended time due to our vacation. He was well-taken care of, happy, and the staff knew him well as they were able to give me a personality assessment when asked how he was doing.”

Carol B.

“My pups came back happy and tired! I got to pick them up a day early even though they were closed for the holiday. Everyone was really great and friendly. Thanks!”

Sharon L.

“Correy does an excellent grooming for my Irish Terrier, Chief.”


“I was very apprehensive about going someplace that I hadn’t been before as I do not kennel my dogs very often. This was my first time using Country Comfort B & G for my 11 year old Rottweiler, Barklee. Adding to this I had just recently lost his brother and litter mate the day before their 11th birthdays so the agony was ongoing and the pain still heavy and fresh in out hearts. Being apart from Bark was nearly unthinkable but I had to follow through on an overnight commitment that I had been re-scheduling and re-scheduling and knew that we both needed to put one foot and paw in front of the other and carry on. The manager told me over the phone that there was a coupon available for a free one-night stay and suggested that I use it. The next day I took a tour of the facility and found them to be in what to me was a state of disarray, despite reassurance they are in the midst of modifying different rooms to better accommodate future guests. I took Bark in that evening and went off to my overnight appointment. Next morning I was anxious to “spring” him from his confinement and was surprised to find that he had been upgraded to a private suite and was doing quite well! I also found that the facility was very organized, neat and tidy, which helped to allay my anxiety a great deal. I highly recommend Country Comfort Boarding and Grooming to anyone looking for a nice place to leave their closest companion.”

Marie K.

“Thank you for taking such good care of Max! He’s currently recovering from all his activity at what we refer to as “Doggie Disneyland” when he stays at the kennel. He’s sleeping and contented.”

Delta S.

“My pets came home happy, healthy, tired and clean! Who could ask for more?”

Linda S.

“This was our second visit to the facility and another wonderful experience. Both dogs looked great when we picked them up. We had a special request for the groomer who fulfilled it to the max. The thing I especially like about the process is that there isn’t a lot of paperwork involved. My receipt was e-mailed which is really appreciated. The boys are ready for summer now that they don’t have a lot of fur. Next time, I will take pics before and after which as the old saying goes is worth a thousand words. Thank you for giving up some Sunday time to accommodate the appointment.”

Barb R.

“Love this place! Jesse and Ruger have been boarded at other places but this was the best. In the past both dogs have come home stressed but when they come home from Country Comfort it was no big deal. They went about their business and only checked in with me when they wanted to play. They will be going there again.”

Cindy B.

“My 2 German Shepherds had a wonderful stay. They came home happy and tired. Loved their suite! Windows and a fan, just like home! I will be highly recommending Country Comfort to all of my dog friends.”

Martha M.

“We were very happy with the care of are sweet bear got from all of you and especially Clare; I think bear stole her heart.”

Doris A. — 

“Thank you to the groomer who said Lucy may have an ear infection. Took her to the vet the next day and sure enough,he was right. Something I may not have otherwise noticed. This is the second time I’ve used Country Comfort in a couple of months. So happy after the first time, felt no anxiety about leaving her for 10 days. Once again seemed to come home stress free (Both of us)! Thank you Country Comfort.”

Sally L.

“Rosie came home happy after a two night stay. We played for awhile then she settled into her home routine. I appreciate her coming home relaxed and not stressed.”

Barbra C.

  “Marco came home clean and fluffy from his bath. He looked great! Thanks!”


“I have an American bulldog that is never short on energy. I usually have to walk her at a minimum of 6 miles through the day or she gets overly energetic. After a day at day care she was exhausted and was calm for us. On the third day she was excited to go. She leaves a little dusty but that to be expected from a hard day of play!!!”

Jerry R.

“Jaeger came home health and happy!”


“My dogs had a great time. The staff is so friendly. My dogs love seeing them. With three dogs or can be hard getting them all out and in be car. A staff member is always ready to help.”

Ron D.

“Very nice work……Our dog looked 5 years younger….Great job…..will be back…..”

Jane B.

“This was our first experience with Country Comfort Boarding and Grooming and it was a great one! Our pets, Milo, Chloe and Boo stayed for 9 days and came home happy and healthy! We will definitely be using them again. Nice facility and friendly staff!!”

Mary K.

“It is always difficult to leave my four legged children when we travel; that is why I board my gang at Country Comfort. The dogs love going to “camp”. They really enjoy seeing and playing with the staff. The staff works hard to make each of my “kids” feel at home. My older dog needed to be on medication, and the staff gave her the attention she needed. Also, Correy is a terrific groomer who did an awesome job trimming my little terrier, Satchel. I really appreciate the care my dogs received when they were at Country Comfort. We will be back.”


“The best groomer ever thank you Correy, Jack is always groomed to perfection, I never worry about nicks in his skin any more or what he going to like when he is done, your staff is also wonderful.Thank again.”

Doris A.

“First time at Country Comfort and first time old dog in kennel. Lucy seems fine and happy. Would definitely use Country Comfort again. Very satisfied. Next time I will give instructions on grooming preferences. Didn’t think about it when I dropped her off. Oh well, hair grows back. My fault for not being specific.”

Janice H.

“Our great Pyrenees SHADOW was a matted mess! Country Comfort boarding and grooming did a beautiful job giving her a puppy cut. We’re glad we found them so close to home.”

Therese — 

“Rainy has stayed at Country Comfort three times now when I go on vacation, one time for almost 2 weeks. She appears happy & healthy & glad to see me! This time was a 5 day trip. Staff are friendly and feeding instructions have been followed! Thank you for the peace of mind, knowing she’s in good hands while I’m away!!”

Jennifer A.  

“You guys did a great job with Phoenix!! Thank you so much for taking great care of her!!”

Julie H.

“I was very happy with the way my 14 yr old poodle/shih tzu was groomed. She was adorable.”

Kim S.

“I am very pleased with Whiskey’s groom. He’s nice and soft and smells good. Quite the handsome young man about town! Thanks”

Margaret S.

“Well the boys must of had another great day they both were fast asleep before we got home. As always thank you for taking such good care of my fur babies!”

Craig L.

“The family pets came home happy and well behaved. Thank you!”

Jackie K.

“Odie and Piper always come home happy and healthy. Both got baths and they always smell so good. We are extremely happy with their home away from home.”


Lily loves coming to day care.

Brenda W.

“This is the first time to have my Yorkie groomed at Country Comfort, great job. I was given a tour of the facility and was very pleased with what I saw. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I will be coming back!”

Barb R.

“Sundance loves coming to Day Care with you. You staff has been great. I love that even in the rainy weather and there is mud your runs, you take the time to clean him off before I pick him up. Your hours are great and I love that we can go a half day if we want. I have boarded Sundance there a couple of times and he has always come home happy.”

Heather G.

“This was the first time boarding our dogs at Country Comfort. The staff was so friendly and nice! Our dogs have pretty bad separation anxiety and usually have issues after being boarded. When we picked them up, they were so calm! None of the stomach or bathroom issues we normally have after boarding them! It was obvious that they received the love and attention they are used to getting at home!”


“Loveee this place! My puppy Milo is always so excited to come here.”

Jake A.

“I’ve been taking our dog to CCB&G for over a year for doggy day care. He looks forward to going and playing every time we get in the car. The staff always meets us with a friendly smile and I always leave knowing my dog is in good hands. Anytime we go out of town for an extended period of time we also use CCB&G for boarding. Again, we never worry about our dog because we know he is in great hands and enjoys being there. I’d recommend CCB&G to anyone who has a dog who needs to get their energy out during the week while you work, or need a place for your pup to stay while you go out of town!”

Julie D. — 

“ALWAYS well taken care of. I have utilized country comfort several times.”

Laura A. — 

“Highly recommend CCBG. Boarding our 7yo lab is convenient & we trust that she will be well-cared for by the folks @ CCBG.”

Marcia C.

“Max & I both like Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming. Max loves the exercise & attention he gets all day. I love the fact that he’s well cared for while I’m at work and comes home exhausted.”

John E.

“I was very happy with your service. I will be returning.”

Rachel H.

“Cloie and Bella love going to daycare. The staff are always so nice and friendly. I couldn’t ask for better.”

Deb C.

“Marvel & Nuela spent Christmas weekend “relaxing” with their ‘cousin’, Thanos….They knew where they were going & went freely.. They came home happy & tired from playing. I feel comfortable knowing they are being cared for at Country Comfort.”

Judy M.

“Jenna looked great and her nails were perfect. My only complaint would be that this time I did not receive a call that she was ready to be picked up. She was dropped off at noon and I called at 4pm. She was very thirsty when she got home.”

Jodie W.

“Rookie, Trailer, and Bart all enjoy their time at the kennel. We never worry and know they will be very well cared for!”

Jennifer D.

“This is the only boarding facility we have/will use for our dogs- love it here!  The “suites” are the best for my two dogs.”

Miranda B.

“Loveee this place!  My puppy Milo is always so excited to come here.  The take wonderful care of him and take their time to get to know everyone’s pet personally.  Couldn’t imagine taking my dog elsewhere, I always know he’s in good hands at Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming!”

Mary K K.

“I recently boarded my 3 dogs at Country Comfort Kennels.  The entire staff was helpful and loving towards my 4 legged children, making their stay enjoyable.  Thank you, we will see you again.”

Megan M.

“I can’t thank Country Comfort enough for taking care of my baby girl Miki.  I am a teacher in Yorkville and bring my puppy to daycare during the week.  When I tell Miki she is going to day care, her ears perk up and she runs to the door.  She gets so excited and practically drags me into the door every time.  Everyone that works her is awesome and I know Miki is in great hands.  I know that she is outside all teh time running wild and playing with other dogs that she wouldn’t normally get to pay with at other places.  When I pick her up she is sad to leave but immediately falls asleep once she is in the car.  Thank you for all that you do and for loving Miki as much as I do.”

Samantha E.

“When I put out the Facebook call for boarding options, a few different people recommended Country Comforts.  My dog just came back from her second stay clean, well cared for, and even had her nails trimmed!  She was a rescue and can be difficult to deal with and they were just great with her.”