For Twenty-some-Odd Years customers & clients have been asking what tools we use to groom dogs & cats, transport dogs, show dogs and on-and-on.  To make it easier for everyone (ourselves included!), we’ve decided to create this page that lists all of the resources and products that we use.  Make no mistake, we do get a small commission if you  choose to click and purchase, but we attest to the fact that Correy and Sarah have each made use of every tool on this page.  Please let us know what you think of this page!

If there is any other kind of tool you can’t find on this page, please click here and let us know how we can help.

Updated: May 2018

Dog & Cat Grooming Tools

This brush is called a ‘Pin Brush’ and is used to brush through and separate longer hair so that it does not get tangled and look good.  While this type of brush is useful for keeping dogs and cats matt-free, it is not so good at getting mats and tangles out of your dogs coat.  This brush is sized a little larger and some people find it easier to use a smaller brush on small dogs, but Correy likes this brush for all coated dogs.

This type of a brush is called a ‘Slicker Brush’. Although we use the larger size for all breeds, you can pick the size that suits you best.  This brush is useful when dematting a dog and can be very helpful. At the same time, when used too aggressively, this tool can scrape a dog or cats skin. If your pet is so matted that you are worried about hurting him or her please have a professional (preferably us!!) help you with your grooming

Furminator tools are fantastic at getting that dead undercoat out so that it isn’t all over your house!  Easy to use and safe for any double-coated breed (like a golden retriever or German shepherd).  Not for use on single-coated breeds (such as bichons or goldendoodles).

Combs are essential to keeping a dog coat mat free in between grooms.  This metal comb is well-balanced with a rounded ‘back’ and will last for years.

These clippers are not cheap, but they are a work horse.  They won’t need maintenance for a long time and you can buy whatever length of clipper blade you need.  I don’t know if you need them unless you are clippering multiple dogs, but we love these clippers!

This is good, basic grooming table that won’t break the bank.  It comes in a variety of sizes with a grooming arm, clamp and noose.

Travel Necessities

Impact Dog CrateThese Crates are pricey, but worth it if your dog is an escape artist.  Correy & Sarah travel extensively for AKC Dog Shows and have been using these crates for over a year.  Peace of mind is worth it when we are caring for our customers/friend’s loved ones.

Impact Dog Crate (Stationary), 400 Model, Large, Customer Assembled, Grey in Color

Impact Dog Crate, 450 Model, X-Large, Customer Assembled (Stationary), TAN in Color

Impact Case Stationary Dog Crate SIZE-500 (Gray)

Heavy Duty Folding/Collapsible Dog Crate (Medium) by Grain Valley Dog Supply


Pet Care

We use stainless steel Dog Food bowls.  They are easy to clean and do not corrode.

‘Slip Leads’ are super convenient and well made.  You just slip one over your dogs head and have collar and leash in one!

These Pee Pads save us a ton of money!  We love them.  We use Lenny Pads exclusively in our Small Dog Room so that our special small dogs can go to the bathroom and we wash the pads once a day.  They’ve lasted pretty close to a year now and we’ve saved a lot of money as of writing.

These Stainless Steel water buckets can be ordered according to the size of your dog.  These buckets are ideal because the joint where the handle meets the bucket is enclosed by a little box that prevents eye or mouth injuries and the flat side allows the bucket to hang next to a wall or crate side and not spill as easily.


We feed Purina Pro Plan and have done so for around 20 years.  To be brief, we have found that Pro Plan has a wide variety of flavors and compositions.  One of those varieties tend to suit the individual dogs are are showing at Westminster, the National Championship or other AKC dog shows around the country.  Please click here to check out some of our other opinions about dog food and how your decision on what to feed your dog is an important decision for you to make on your own.  We’ve won dozens of Best in Shows with dogs who were fed Purina Pro Plan and encourage you to investigate which Pro Plan variety suits your dog or cat’s needs the best.