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Excessive Shedding or Matting? It’s Essential to know your dog’s Coat Type

We get lots of questions on how often dogs should be groomed and what kind of grooming they need and we’ll answer some of those questions in this article!

We’ll start with Dog Coat Types. In general, there are two coat types. The first coat-type is called Single-Coated. Single Coated dogs do not generally shed. Some examples these breeds are Poodles, Golden Doodles, Portgugese Water Dogs, Shih Tzus etc. The other type of dog coat is called Double-Coated. Double Coated breeds include Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, etc. Many Terriers also have a double coat.

The grooming required for Double-Coated and Single-Coated breeds is very different. If you are purchasing or rescuing a puppy or dog, which coat type you want to groom is an important consideration. Double-Coated dogs don’t usually mat except on their leg, chest or ear furnishings. The draw-back to Double Coated breeds is that they shed! So they may be a little easier to groom, but you will need to vacuum up all that hair – don’t worry, we have a solution later in this article. Dogs with a Single-Coat do not shed (that’s a relief!), but their coat mats easily if they aren’t washed, dried and trimmed on a regular basis. Their coat can be kept as long as you like as long as they are properly washed, dried and brushed. Obviously, the longer the hair on the dog, the more time needs to be spent washing, drying and brushing. The long and the short of it is that both coat types have their advantages and disadvantages – it’s up to you to decide what is important (both aesthetically and functionally) to your life style.

A typical Bath and Dry for a double-coated dog starts with a shampoo of your choosing. A few of the options are your basic shampoo (high quality and gentle on the skin), oatmeal shampoo (includes an oatmeal derivative that is extra gentle, but may not clean as well), hypo-allergenic shampoos (made for dogs that have severe skin allergies) and other types of shampoo that include scent or color options. After a double-coated dog is washed, rinsed and towel dried, we use a relatively powerful Forced Air Dryer with two motors that blows the water out of the coat. This dryer does not use hot air, but does blow out the under coat along with the water. Drying a dog in this manner accomplishes several goals. First, the dog gets dried! Second, a good portion of the dead, under coat is blown out. And third, each individual hair is separated so that further grooming is easier. Our last step in washing and drying a double-coated dog is to use a deshedding tool that finishes stripping out the dead coat so that you don’t have any dog hair to vacuum out of your carpet (at least for a little while…).

Single-coated dogs and breeds have the same shampoo options as above, but we may use a conditioner on his or her coat to hydrate the hair a little and discourage matting. There are plenty of dog specific conditioners, but hair conditioner for people works just as well. The real difference in how you wash and dry single-coated breeds from double-coated breeds is in how they are dried. We use human hair dryers and a brush to brush each section straight and dry all the way to the skin. It is important to start at the skin and get each hair dried mat free all the way to the end. If a single-coated dog isn’t dried all the way, mats will either develop over time or existing mats will get worse. The final step is to clipper or scissor the coat to your specifications! Single-coated dogs are ideal for people who are allergic to dogs and can be beautiful when washed, dried and groomed correctly.

I promised a solution to your dog grooming needs and here we go…

At Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming, we want to help you and your dog with your grooming needs by making Grooming more economical. We offer Groom Bath packages that allow you to bring your dog in as often as you and you B(est) F(urry) F(riend) would like. Groom Baths include a wash, dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal gland expression. We give you the option to purchase 2 Groom Baths to receive a 3rd for FREE… Purchase 3 Groom Baths to receive a 4ht and 5th for FREE… And, Purchase 4 Groom Baths to receive a 5th, 6th and 7th for FREE. Whether you have a Single-Coated dog that mats or a Double-Coated dog that sheds we have a solution!