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It was my first time at Country Comfort having my dog groomed. She was done exactly like I asked. When I dropped her off he said if when I picked her up she needed any correction he would do it. Not needed. It was not just a routine cut for a Cavalier Poodle mix, but I asked for a certain cut and he got it right. Great job and Sophie looks cute and groomed. I will be back for Sophie's next cut.  

Jan F., 8/18/2017  

I'd give them 5 stars!! it was a wonderful experience and Gracie came home looking GOOD!!! Thank you so much for the care and grooming you gave her!!!  

Karen D., 8/11/2017

Our nervous terrier just completed an eight day stay. Since he hasn't been apart from us in more than 6 years we were worried about how it would go. We picked him up this morning - he was happy & &ealthy! The staff all knew him and seemed sad to see him go. We would recommend Country Comfort to anyone!  

Rose, 8/9/2017