Dog Boarding Prices: What is my Dog Getting and What do I Pay for It?

If you’re going for a vacation, figuring out how to make sure your pets are well cared for can present a big challenge. There are so many things you need to look for, the boarding facility needs to be trustworthy, they must be qualified and they mustn’t be overcharging you for services you avail.  In the process of advertising many of these places might sell you on how great their services are, but don’t end up delivering. Parting with your pet, while in itself is a stressful moment; if the boarding isn’t perfect, the resulting guilt has a way of eating at you.

When you’re deciding on where you should take your pet, always conduct thorough research into the boarding facilites of your choice to avoid that guilt of leaving your dog or cat at home. While you are relaxing on your vacation or busy at work, your furry companions can have an equally great time and come back home well-rested and fully pampered.  Dog boarding prices can present a pretty big challenge in that first timers don’t really know what to expect from their chosen boarding house’s services.

The Cost of Animal Boarding Services

The average dog boarding prices lie within the $25-$85 range. Of course, the amount of money being charged depends on the quality and extent of services being offered.  There are a few places that might overcharge, but what you’re really looking for is the place which can deliver on the promises that it makes of you.

Some of these places might not have suites to leave your pets in, some won’t have outdoor play facilities and others just might not have the right nutritionists to ensure the health of your cats and dogs. Leaving your pets in these places, means having to compromise on the well-being of your pets, while paying a fairly high price for possible sub-par dog/pet boarding services.

Use this checklist to make sure that you arrange for the best possible services for your pets and rest easy knowing that your friends are in good hands. If you feel like you’re paying a little too much for these services, most times it’s actually worth the investment spending a little extra if the quality of care is great.

The Ideal Animal Boarding Services

Caring for pets is nothing short of caring for a child. There are facets to the care-taking process, each of which are equally as important and you need a boarding service that will be cognizant of catering to each of these to create a wholesome environment for your pet. As such, there are certain pre-requisite skill-sets and facilities that you need to ensure your chosen boarding house has.

In addition to this, they need to charge an appropriate amount of money for their services which does justice to the quality and extent of care they can deliver. These services include:

Dog Suites

Every pet boarding house understands the importance of creating nice resting places for their tenants. This means creating personal spaces for dogs where they can rest and relax if they feel like it.These areas need to be spacious, ought to provide room for your dogs to rest and possibly furnished in ways that allow your dogs to fully recharge after a full day of activities.

Roaming Spaces For Cats

This technically doesn’t just apply to cats; however in many ways it’s a lot more important. Cats are generally really independent animals that need their space and places to roam around as they please. If you leave them cooped up, it can make them restless and they begin to chafe in their environments to act out in all sorts of strange ways.

As such, the best boarding houses are designed to make sure that your cats have these spaces to lounge and roam around in to keep them happy.


Cat and dog groomers are an absolute must to make sure that your pets are well-cared for. Whether it’s clipping toe-nails, regular baths, treating fleas; whichever pet boarding house you go for must work with expert groomers to keep your animals clean. The boarding house must have a strict grooming schedule which would maximize the cleanliness and the health of your pets in your absence.

Nutritional Needs

Your pet’s nutritional needs are perhaps one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a boarding place for them. Dog and Cat Boarding Prices may or may not include dog food.  A reputable facility understands that you know your dog or cat best.  Many facilities include their dog food in the price of boarding.  Some facilities offer a premium food at slightly higher price.  All facilities should allow a customer to bring their own pet’s food.

Some, but not all boarding facilities, have the capability to feed raw food to their guests.

Appropriate Play Time and Spaces

Dogs in particular need this far more than any other animal. There needs to be a balance between the exercise and the playtime they get. Exercise is absolutely necessary for their general health, good digestion and to release much of the pent-up energy. Exercise routines also provide an opportunity to train dogs into healthy grooming habits so that they come out well-behaved and in control.

Playtime on the other-hand, is an emotional requirement for dogs, where they can bond with other dogs and run around to their heart’s content. If your dogs don’t get this play time, it can lead to all sort of emotional problems like aggression, sadness, pining and in some cases stress that compromises their long –term health. It’s better if the place has hand walking services rather than some other impersonal form of bonding which really isn’t good for your pet’s emotional well-being.

Your chosen boarding services need to possess open spaces and huge yards that present your pets with the opportunity to exercise and play as much as they would like.

The Price Factor

Dog boarding prices can a major hassle for any dog owner. There are a lot of places in the Chicagoland region that are charging high prices for their dog boarding without actually presenting the services that these ought to capture.  You need to find a place that offers you all of the aforementioned services so that your dogs and cats are given the perfect environment to thrive in without compromising their wellbeing.

When you took on the responsibilities of your pets, you also took on the responsibility of making sure that they are are given all the luxuries that you can afford. Finding the right balance between service quality and affordability of dog boarding requires a fair bit of work that you should conduct before you make your decision.

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