If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably been anxious about how to care for your dog or cat while you are away from home. What type of pet care professional is appropriate for you and your Furry Family member? How do you choose between Pet Sitting Services and Boarding Facilities?

One of the things pet owners, particularly those who own dogs
and cats must be aware of is how tricky it can be to leave their pets home

Fact #1: Animals be Shouldn’t be Left Alone

Puppy/kitten Love

Where there may be animals such as fish or certain pet reptiles that can be left at home provided you have someone to come in and feed them, the same can’t be said for dogs and cats. Anyone who owns a dog or a cat knows how much time, attention and dedication it takes to raise and care for them.

Dogs in particular are known to fair poorly when left alone
for longer periods of time as many sources
state. Though they might not overtly show it as dogs do, cats are similar in
certain relational
with their human counterparts.

That brings us to the decision at hand. Which is more appropriate for your Dog or Cat? Are Pet Sitting Services more appropriate than a Boarding Facility? First, let’s take a look at the differences in personalities between dogs and cats.

For Cats

Intense kitty

Though cats in many senses are a lot savvier and more self
sufficient than dogs, they too can get a little anxious and uneasy if left
alone. Cats, however, may show their disdain by littering about your home
space. They might rip at furniture and upholsteries and damage property.

They might attack the people you have asked to care for them
if they are unfamiliar and in a worst case scenario could even decide it’s okay
to leave the home for a bit and find a way to do so!

For Dogs

Dogs are literally like children; in fact, many studies have
likened the emotional and intellectual capabilities of a dog to that of a child
up to the age of 5. The first thing that will become clear here is that like
with children, your dog needs attention.

Similarly, the attention needed is literally a necessity your canine companion. There have been many known cases where neglect and a lack of attention may have resulted in deterioration of an animal’s physical health. Dogs are known to wait on their human partners. They can also get fussy about meals if their owner is absent. If left alone, they might suffer from separation anxiety and are quite uneasy until the person or people in question return.

If the fact that loneliness is literally painful for your fur
baby is not enough to convince you that leaving them unattended is a bad idea,
there’s more.  Even if you have someone
to walk your dog twice a day and feed them accordingly, the time spent alone at
home will add up. This could make your dog anything from depressed to
aggressive. In some cases, they may even chew on things around the house and
cause damage that you weren’t expecting.

Unlike many other facilities, Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming dogs are walked throughout the entire day.  The dogs are not contained in one place, but are periodically hand walked to large yards where the can exercise appropriately.  Similarly, cats get to roam free in the cat room periodically throughout the day.  The main point is that a reputable facility is staffed by multiple people all day long versus typical pet sitting services that must come and go throughout the day.

Pet Boarding and how it is Helpful

Big Puppy eyes -- Bigger nose

boarding facilities located in Illinois
such as
ours as well as those in other parts of the US are a brilliant way to make sure
that the problem of leaving your pets unattended is solved. We’re going to tell
you a little bit on how.

Fact #2:  Saves you the Awkwardness of Finding a Pet Sitting Service

There might be times when you need to leave town for a bit or
have some kind of obligation come up and need to look for someone to care for
your pet. This could be due to a long awaited holiday, a business trip or
because you need to stay with and care for someone who is ill temporarily. If
you can’t have your pet travel with you, you’re probably going to need someone
to look after it!

Some of us are blessed with friends and family who love our
pets as much as we do. If this is so, finding a pet sitter or someone to care
for your pet in your absence is relatively simple. If not however, finding
someone for the job can be a hassle.

You’re going to need someone you trust with your home as well as with your pet! Even if you have someone in mind, asking them to take on the responsibility is another challenge. Therefore, the first advantage of pet boarding facilities is that caring for your pet in your absence is only job and it is a job fulfilled with the utmost care.

No awkwardness, no worrying. You just connect with a pet
boarding facility near you, pay the needful dues and have your pet dropped off!

Fact #3:  Professional
Pet Care all the Way

Puppy kisses

It is one thing asking a well meaning friend or relative to
look after your pet for you. At the same time, it is important to remember that
your well meaning point person might not know your pet as well as your do.

A professional from a pet boarding facility is trained and
experienced when it comes to dealing with cats and dogs all of the time. Having
the formal education and having spent adequate amounts of time with numerous
animals, these professionals can extend much better care to your pet than your
usual Good Samaritan.

Pet care professionals at pet boarding facilities and homes are good at reading animal signals, developing rapport and making your pet feel cared for and at home. This professional experience makes the entire transition, period of absence and transition back to your care a lot less emotionally taxing for your pet!

Fact #4:  The Basics
but Better

Let's play fetch

Finally, even when it comes to the basics of pet care, it is not uncommon for pet sitting services and well meaning acquaintances to sometimes fall short even with the best of intentions. People have their lives to contend with before everything else and your pet might not be as high on their priority list as it is to you.

Animals like dogs, for instance, need daily exercise in the
form of walks apart from the usual feeding (we don’t just walk our dogs, we let
them run and play in huge yards!). Secondly, different animals have different
nutritional  and health requirements and
as an owner, you probably strictly adhere to these.

Pet sitting services may
sometimes miss a care session, get caught up in other work and not be able to
come through for your fur baby who will likely be left waiting and confused.
They may also not take the nutritional guidelines you have set as seriously as
you would like (maybe sneaking salty chips or chocolate cookies for dogs!). Though
an owner would know how lethal this can be, a sitter may not.

Sending your pet to a boarding facility ensures that they will be cared for exactly how you want. Their meal times are set to your dietary boundaries and requirements for your pet are respected and adhered to. You can rest assured that a professional pet boarding and care facility will meet all your basic pet requirements and ensure consistency.

Nothing makes our pets feel better than consistent care!

Fact #5:  A Safer Option than Pet Sitting Services

Kitty hide-n'-seek

People sometimes don’t drive the cars of those they know
because they worry about accidents. The usual thought is; “what will I do in case something goes wrong?

Following that train of thought, if something inanimate like a car can trigger such stress, you can imagine pets are a whole other ballgame and for good reason. Animals like cats and dogs are much like children and can at times be erratic.

They may run off, make a mess, put themselves in danger and
even get violent on occasion. Further, they can get sick! Any of these
instances would be quite difficult for someone who does not have the professional
experience of working with hundreds and thousands of dogs and cats. This could
result in harm to your animal, harm to the sitter and even damage to your

When you entrust your pet or furry family member to a pet boarding facility instead of using one of the more loosely structured Pet Sitting Services, your pet will have access to space to stay, space to play and an environment that is free of potentially dangerous obstacles.

In the case of any kind of emergency situation, your pet
would also have access to medical care and other facilities making sure that
they are kept safe. Boarding facilities are well equipped by way of staff
skills, layout and technology to ensure safety of your animal under any

Fact #6:  No Guilt

Doggy nap time

Finally, leaving your pet behind comes with a lot of guilt!
You might feel bad that your baby is getting bored and upset when alone. You
might be feeling bad about loading someone you know with such a huge
responsibility. All in all, you’re better off paying for a service where both
you and your pet can be at ease!

Pet Sitting Services are skilled at communication with the owner, but how much experience does your potential sitter have with pet emergencies?  In addition to communication skills, a reputable Boarding Facility is experienced in handling a wide variety of major and minor emergencies.

Winding Down

If you’re going to be leaving home for an extended period of time and need someone to look after your pet, it is best to trust the job to a registered and licensed Boarding Facility or one of the accredited Pet Sitting Services. This way you can be certain that your pet will be safe, secure, well fed, exercised, attended to and cared for. Better yet, you won’t be worrying about causing anyone else trouble or stressing about what your furry family member might be up to when alone!

Pet care is what facilities like ours do and those working with
us love our guest cats and dogs about as much as their rightful owners. They
have dedicated their lives to train in animal care and guarantee the best
possible care and treatment for your pet.

This way, even if you’re on holiday having a great time, you
can bask in the knowledge that your pet is probably having a good time too!

If you’re trying to decide between Pet Sitting Services and a Pet Boarding Facility anywhere in Western Chicagoland (including, but not limited to Yorkville, Aurora and Naperville) feel free to connect with us for a tour before you make a decision!  We even offer a Free Night of Boarding or Half-Price Doggie Daycare for new customers!