Whether it is for work or vacation, no one ever wants to leave their pets behind when they leave home. Trusting a facility or person for long term dog boarding can be even more challenging. It can be hard enough to find someone you trust your B(est) F(urry) F(riend) for a few days.  After all, you are trusting the doggie care-giver to build a relationship with a member of your family.

Dog's can Love Long Term Dog Boarding

Is Long Term Dog Boarding All That Bad Though?

The reality, however, is that leaving them at home either winds up being incredibly expensive or just simply unrealistic. While there are options nowadays with dog walking business to walk and feed your pets, it still leaves them unattended the remainder of the day. The classic alternative is asking a family member, friend, or neighbor to check in or take care of your pet. However, that can end up being difficult on them and stressful on the pet, as their house may not be a suitable or safe for pets. A well-run, caring boarding kennel provides care and attention throughout the whole day and often includes a live-in caregiver.


That leaves the idea of long term dog boarding with either your vet or a kennel. This typically causes most people to be wary, but, in all actuality, it doesn’t always have to be an unpleasant experience for your pet. In fact, in June 2014 the Daily Mail published a study conducted by British researchers showing that while dogs did indeed have higher than normal cortisol and creatinine levels while being boarded at kennels than being at home, the cause was not due to stress, but rather due to excitement and arousal. The study revealed that previous research had only focused on the physical numbers of the results and had forgotten to factor in additional elements. In conclusion, the British researchers discovered that the 29 dogs were not stressed while being boarded, and were actually excited and happy.


When it comes to long term pet boarding there is a difference when selecting where you place your trust. With so many options (kennels, house-sitters, veterinarians, etc.) nowadays, how does one decide who will care for my dog or cat like a family member? As a rule, there are a few things that you should always look for.

Grass is a necessity for Long Term Dog Boarding

What to Look For in A Kennel:

According to Pet MD and the American Kennel Club, some of the top things to check for when looking for a prospective kennel are: the general appearance, the security and safety, the staff, sanitation, health care, and provision for animal comfort.

Specifically speaking in regards to health care:

  • water procedures (is each animal provided its’ own water separately and is it kept clean?)
  • feeding procedures
  • emergency protocol
  • immunization requirements
  • parasite control


Additionally, for your dog or cat’s comfort it is important to look at and ask questions like:

  • temperature control
  • ventilation system
  • lighting
  • bedding situation (i.e. do you need to bring your own)
  • sleeping quarters
  • exercise yards (for example the outside runs should optimally be smooth gravel or concrete if grass is not possible)
  • any other additional services that may be provided


While this may all seem daunting, it really does not have to be a difficult or intimidating task. We recommend before you even visit any kennels, get together a list of your questions and what you expect. Then when you get there you can simply go through it all one by one. If you are looking at more than one kennel, you can also use a rating scale to help make it easier to choose which one you preferred. The IBPSA, or International Boarding and Pet Services Association, offers a downloadable pdf of questions to ask; just follow this link here.

Let's hear your Long Term Dog Boarding tips!

Tips for Long Term Dog Boarding:

Exercise and attention are one of the best ways any boarding kennel can help your B(est) F(urry) F(riend) stay healthy and happy while you are away. Not only is exercise important to maintain and ensure good health in your pet, it can also serve as a healthy distraction. One of the reasons the dogs are excited at a kennel is because of the chance to exercise and play with other dogs. Just take a look at this video of one our dogs playing in our yards. Not only is he getting much needed exercise, he is getting the chance to freely play around to his heart’s content. Indeed, this is what you want to look for in any long term pet boarding kennel you choose. That they make sure they have plenty of outdoor space to run free, exercise, and get their own little vacation!


Some additional tips when it comes to long term dog boarding include bringing some items from home like a bed. Additionally, when dropping off your BFF, make sure to not make it a big occasion. By making the drop-off a sad or upsetting occurrence a signal is given that something is amiss. Little kids and dogs are a lot a like – if my 7-year old thinks I’m worried about something then she is too!  Rather, turn it into the idea that they too are going on a vacation and play-date.

Long Term Dog Boarding is a canine vacation!

Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming:

There are many options when it comes to finding and choosing a kennel for long term dog boarding. At Country Comfort Boarding and Grooming, we understand that. For us, taking care of dogs and cats is not merely a job, it’s a calling. Each of us who works here at CCB&G loves what we do and dedicates the time to personally get to know each animal that steps through our doors. We are proud members of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association and have professionally cared for thousands of dogs.  In addition, several staff members who are certified by the IBPSA in canine and feline care. All members of IBPSA are required to pledge to “provide conscientious care, deal honestly and fairly, respect customer confidence, continuously learn more and improve services, and operate their business honorably.”


When searching for a kennel for long term pet boarding, we hope you turn here to us here at Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming. If not, we hope that you found this information helpful and can use it to find the right solution for you. Click Here if you are interested in one week of Free Boarding per pre-paid month at Country Comfort in Yorkville, IL.


From our family here at CCB&G to Yours,


Happy Tails!






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