Dog Boarding ReferralsPicking the right facility for Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding can be stressful.  10 of the Reasons our customers can leave home feeling Guilt-Free about their B(est) F(urry) F(riend) are listed below.


1. The Referrals we receive from long-time Country Comfort customers are a validation of how much we care for all the dogs and cats that walk through our doors. Nothing feels better than watching a dog pull its person through the door and then having the human tell friends about us! As a way of expressing our gratitude for your referral, we award 50 PawPoints when a new customer makes a reservation and uses a Current Customer’s name as a referral.  Click to view some of our Client Testimonials.

2. The Safety of the dogs and cats at Country Comfort is of utmost importance. The cat room is in a completely different part of the building from the dog rooms. Small

Keeping Boarding Dogs and Cats Safe requires a Plan

dogs (under 20 lbs) have their own room where they spend time with other dogs their size. Every staff member is well versed in medications and how to check any dog’s vitals. If there is an emergency, we have a very good veterinarian 2 minutes from Country Comfort. If there any concern about a dog’s health, we check temperature, hydration and capillary responses.  We then notify the person on file or make the decision to go to veterinarian as needed. Physical safety isn’t the only thing we worry about.

Cleanliness and ventilation keep the building not only smelling fresh, but are the most basic way to minimize the risk of germs and viruses. Finally, the emotional well-being of our dogs and cats are equally as important as their physical needs. We are taking care of your dogs and cats for over 11 hours each day. They are walked to and from yards all day long so that we have our hands physically on your dogs throughout the whole day.

3. We love giving Tours. It’s a lot fun showing off how much we have changed over the last few years while staying true to our roots. We now have dog boarding suites and a small-dog room. On top of that, our new services include budget saving items like our Groom Bath packCountry Comfort Manager and Owners have Decades of Experienceages and Doggie Daycare packages. We like to think we stand out from other facilities because of the attention and love we give the dogs. Loving the dogs is the easy part of our job and we hope you can see the time and effort we put into the animals in our care by taking a tour of the whole boarding facility.

4. Our Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding Staff, make us who we are. They do an outstanding job not only taking care of your dog or cat, but making an effort to understand how they feel. Some boarding dogs may express anxiety by not eating as much or needing more exercise. Those dogs might need a few extra minutes of attention to feel better or a little extra run outside. We are so proud of our staff because they put the extra effort into noticing which dog or cat needs what specific attention to feel loved.  Click to Meet the Team!

5. Correy & Sarah Krickeberg have over 40 years combined dog boarding & cat boarding Experience boarding dogs and cats. Manager, Cindy Brummels, has just as many years of experience boarding horses, managing Country Comfort and earned the Canine Pet Care Certification. All three have extensive experience managing the people who work directly with the animals.

6. Our Boarding Dogs don’t have to eat and sleep in the same kennel where they go to the bathroom. At the same time, they don’t live in crates. They have plenty of room in kennels up to 4 by 8 feet and are hand-walked to run in huge yards. By walking the dogs to the yards and not just keeping them in indoor/outdoor kennels, the staff has time to see how each dog is acting and feeling.  The way our facility is designed lends itself to not just feeding and cleaning up after your B(est) F(urry) F(riend) but treating them with the love and respect they deserve.

The Cat Boarding Room is an a separate area of the building

Similarly, our Boarding Cats are treated with an equal amount of Care. Each cat has its own condo, but also has the opportunity to stretch its legs and roam around the cat room (as long as you tell us
we can get your cat back in its condo!).

7. A common sense approach to Vaccinations is critical to your Dog or Cat’s safety. We require Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella for Dog Boarding and Daycare. We require Feline Distemper for Cat Boarding. Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming encourages you to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations and do your own research when it comes to which vaccines to give your dog or cat when using boarding or daycare facilities. We also encourage you use the 3-year vaccines as many studies have proven that over vaccination can be dangerous to your dog or cat’s health.

8. The way we have our facility setup, the dogs get a ton of Interaction with other dogs of like temperament and size. Our small dogs can play with small dogs and our large dogs play with large dogs. They can play outside all day when the weather cooperates or they can play inside when it’s too hot, cold or rainy! Our motto is ‘More Attention, Exercise and Love’. You have many options to care for your BFF while you are out of town and we would argue that your BFF will get more time and exercise with us than anywhere else. We work 11 hours a day and the dogs are constantly being rotated from yard to feeding, back out, back in to rest, back out for exercise, back in to eat, back out, etc, etc, etc!

9. Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming’s outdoor, grassy yards are unparalleled in in the Chicagoland area. Nowhere else do the dogs get so much Exercise for no extra charge. Correy and Sarah Krickeberg purchased Country Comfort in 2013 after it had already been in business for 13 years precisely because the property is unique in the whole Chicagoland area in that the dogs get so much exercise. We do offer some premium services, but, unlike many boarding facilities, our most basic fee includes plenty of time in our yards for our boarding and daycare dogs to get active!

10.  Cleanliness is one of the most important goals at Country Comfort. We love hearing that Country Comfort doesn’t ‘smell like a kennel’ or the food prep room looks like you could ‘eat in here’. Those are actual statements from actual customers and we love it!

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