Dear Friends,


I have a long history in the dog show business that is quite interesting to many owners, especially when they are dropping off their pup to be cared for at Country Comfort Boarding. I wanted to take a moment to give you some background on my experience so there’s no question that you are getting the best in the business.


I graduated college in 1994 (yes, I’m aging myself) and worked for a gentleman named Clay Cody showing dogs for Bill Cosby (I don’t know if that is a good reference anymore) among many others. I learned a lot about dog personalities, confirmation and general canine care while serving both national and international clients.


Shortly after, I decided to open my first business called Daybreak Kennels in Illinois. Over 5 years, my partner and I achieved nearly 20 Best In Show awards. This was the beginning of an adventure for me, so I got my MBA and started Conundrum Farms, after selling the first in 2003. I again had nearly 20 Best In Show awards and got the chance to refine my grooming skills.


My third business is Ruswood Kennels started in 2012 after selling the former in 2009. I added on to this business a boarding kennel in 2013 where Sarah and I continue to show dogs, earning at least 15 Best In Show awards over the past few years


Things have really evolved since then, including our family priorities. Today, I stay at home with my daughter and run the Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming business. My wife continues to travel with dogs to show them across the country.  I still go to AKC dog shows as often as possible, but responsibilities at home, both personal and business, only allow about one show a month for me.


I say all this to let you know that I have over 25 years of experience handling thousands of dogs and as with all live animals, I’ve worked through my fair share of emergencies!  I’ve worked with a host of personalities, both dog and human. It has taken a lifetime to accumulate all this experience and that experience now resides at Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming!  I know how to keep a dog in physical condition, how to trim them like a Best in Show winner, and love them like my own!

So, pass on the word to your friends and neighbors. At Country Comfort Boarding and Grooming, your pets are in excellent hands.


Best Regards,


Correy Krickeberg, Owner

Country Comfort Boarding & Grooming

630 553-9432